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The QuizCorp


Welcome to the Homepage of QuizCorp.

The QuizCorp. is the quizzing club of the R.V.College of Engineering, Bangalore.
Check out the quizzes below.

The Weekly Quiz:

Try out my weekly quiz. Every week I will put out a new quiz. Send your answer to me and after a week come back to check out the answers and the names of those who got it right in addition to a new quiz.. There are, of course, no prizes for correct answers.

The Weekly Quiz

The Quizzes:

1. Quiz 1 - General Quiz

2. Quiz 2 - General Quiz

3. Quiz 3 - General Quiz

4. Quiz 4 - Environment Quiz

5. Quiz 5 - General Quiz

6. Quiz 6 - General Quiz

7. Quiz 7 - General Quiz

8. Quiz 8 - India Quiz

9. Quiz 9 - General Quiz

10. Quiz 10 - Business Quiz

11. Quiz 11 - Business Quiz

12. Quiz 12 - Business Quiz

13. Quiz 13 - General Quiz

14. Quiz 14 - Sachin Tendulkar Quiz

15. Quiz 15 - Business Quiz

16. Quiz 16 - Business Quiz

WARNING: Some of these questions are highly India-specific and may appear like Greek and Latin for those not familiar with India (Note: Might appear so to some Indians too).

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List of Quizzing Links

The Karnataka Quiz Association Home Page: Rated the best Indian Quiz Site
The K-Circle Home Page: The Hyderabad Quiz Association


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Avinash H. Mudaliar,

Convenor, QuizCorp.

No. 1362, 'Sushila', 31st Cross, IV 'T' Block,
Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560041, India
Fax: +91 80 6643137 Ph: +91 80 641617,


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